Have You Seen the City Guide?

The LCA Newsletter is somewhere between our newsletter editor and printer, but in the meantime, there’s some good information in the City of Regina Fall Program Guide. Not only can you find out about all the great LCA programs, but there are one or two other programs in there too (several hundred I’ll bet.) We’ll teach you how to skate, or get you really fit, but if you’d rather cook, dance or knit, I’ll bet you can find a class just for you in the guide.

If there’s a community program you like in there, come register at the LCA Registration Night, no matter which Community Association runs the program. We’ll get your registration to the right people. Cool, eh? Just another nifty volunteer service by your LCA (Have I mentioned lately we need volunteers?)

I read the guide and learned that the LCA is running some Family Fitness programs this year. Cool! I’ll try to get more information about the classes as I learn about them. For now though, I’m off to pick up some workout clothes! Spandex is still ‘in’, right?

Will You Be The Next LCA Volunteer? Please?

While we’re trying to hold onto summer for as long as possible, some of the small but vital LCA crew have been getting geared up for fall. I’ve been plugging along on the web site, getting pages up for all our fall programs (more to come!) and the upcoming registration night, others are winding things up from another excellent spring soccer season, and still others are putting the final touches on our fall newsletter (coming to your mailbox at the end of August!)

I need to admit it though, we’re getting a little nervous. We’ve got some pretty important volunteer positions to renew due to retirements and people moving away. Our #1 need right now is a Treasurer. At this point I’m not sure whether we can even muddle along without one. It’s a really big deal. We’re talking about 5 hours per month commitment — our bank is close by and we’ll help get you started. Contact us if you can help.

If numbers aren’t your thing, how about room design? Talking to people? Writing things? Taking pictures? There’s lots of cool opportunities to meet people and add your talents to the team. Check here for some ideas about our full basket of volunteer opportunities.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

There is some good news coming though! We’re very close to announcing a new Outdoor Sign Coordinator. Yay! Hopefully we’ll announce in the next couple of days and you will soon be entertained and informed when you head off to Lakeview Fine Foods or Mark’s Mini Tune for some chips and gas.

Summer Fun: Blink and You Miss It

There’s always more to do around here than time to do it — whether it’s getting the lawn mowed, or the garden weeded or maybe even checking out a festival or two.

One of the great things we want to do with the new website is post up information about what’s going on in the area so you don’t miss a thing.   Unless you want to, of course.   It’s taking a while to get the timing right but we’re just gonna start and see where we end up.  Either way, posting this up means I get out of weeding, so it’s all good!

Dragon Boats!  Already?

OK, I was sure this happened over Labour Day, but the annual Dragon Boat festival is going on right now in Wascana Park.  That’s Saturday August 23rd.  We’re not sure why it’s early but it is.  They’re kind of hiding this year, with races taking place over on the Broad Street side of Wascana Park and concessions and kids activities tucked in beside the Marina.  But it’s a nice day so get out there and cheer!

Big Stuff, Little Stuff, Cheap Stuff.  Garage Sales!!

It looks like the folks on 2800-2900 block Queen Street got organized and are having a block long garage sale!  Lots of kids clothes, art, odds, sods, bric and brac.   Don’t even try to resist the urge — go check it out!

[UPDATE: It must’ve been a good sale, because they’re having a block party tonight. Rock on!]

Mozart?  You mean Leonard Mozart from Strasbourg, right?

I think the reason the Dragon Boats are tucked around the corner this year is there are some HUGE tents getting set up by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  It’s all for Mozart in the Meadow, put on by the Regina Symphony Orchestra which runs Sunday in Wascana Park.  Get your Classical Groove on tomorrow!

Photo Credits:  madbaker66 on Flickr (that’s me!)

Help the MS Society on September 27

The Canvasser

Our roving reporter Kelly received a letter from the Multiple Sclerosis Society yesterday.  They are looking for volunteers for their Clean Up Canvassing Crew, to cover the city on September 27.   With your help, they can raise money for MS research and raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.

They are only looking for a 1-2 hour time commitment.   Please call Taralee Houston at 522-5600 or at taralee.houston@mssociety.ca  by August 15 to sign up!

Here’s a link to the whole letter:   MS Society Letter (Scan)

Photo credit:  The One True b!X, on Flickr

Welcome to the new LCA Site

Hi folks,

Welcome to the new site.  It was created on August 4, 2008 and we’ll be getting more information up and running in the coming weeks.

If you’re the type of person who is interested in what’s going on in Southwest Regina, this is the place to be!  Please subscribe to site updates in the handy box on the right and we’ll you’ll get all the best info right in your inbox or reader.

photo credit:  vtveen, on Flickr