Phase 3: Pump Track

Pump track

Phase 3 of the Lakeview Revitalization Project will include the installation of a pump track. We are hoping to install in Summer of 2021. A pump track is a pathway that combines rolling jumps with turns and is designed for all things on wheels – from bikes and wheelchairs, to BMX’s and skateboards.

Pump tracks are safe and fun to ride for all ages and skill levels and are a good tool to promote physical activity. Currently, there are no other pump tracks in Regina, so this will be something unique for Lakeview Community.

Example pump track in Inverness

So far we have received $92,000 from the Co-op Community Spaces grant. Our goal is to get to $150,000. If you would like to help out with this or any phase of the park development or funding, please CONTACT US.     

For more about the Co-Op Community Spaces grant, see: