Regina Fringe Theatre Festival is Underway!


Chalk it up to an outstanding Canada Day but I got behind on my emails and forgot to talk up one of the most exciting new events that is gracing the Queen City.  The latest installment of the Regina International Fringe Festival got rolling yesterday with several plays and the festival continues through next Wednesday.

If you like live theatre, and like independent theatre, like intimate performances in small venues and love to try new things, then this festival is for you.   This year’s festival has 12 performers at different venues around the Cathedral and downtown.   It’s fun, it’s thought provoking and it’s entertaining.

Special mention goes out to local Lakeviewvian Rod McDonald who has been a driving force behind the festival.  He’s keeping a running diary of the happenings at the fringe so you’ll know exactly what you’re missing.

If you’re a little nervous about trying new things, don’t worry.  The fringe organizers even have a page on their website about how to fringe.  Check it out then buy some tickets!

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