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Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of meeting with parents and teachers of Ecole St. Pius X Catholic School to learn about what they are up to and share the story of the new (and hopefully improved) Lakeview Community Association.    It was a fun meeting, not only because parents who care enough to get involved in the community are my favorite type of people, but because there is a LOT going on at St. Pius School.

One thing I knew going in is that they are working on a ton of fundraising for new playground equipment.  They are busy with a mix of straight up fundraisers (like Mabel’s Labels, see below) and fun activities like a spring carnival that can also raise a few dollars.  The LCA has been able to help a little with a Community Improvement Grant and we helped each other this winter when St. Pius parents supervised the ice shack at Lakeview Rink.  There is still more for the crew to do, but it looks like they will be able to pull the project off.  Good Luck!

It doesn’t matter how often I see a project like this, it still takes my breath away at the huge effort and dollars involved.  The fact that we have so many playgrounds in the neighbourhood is a testament to the hard work that goes on in the community year after year. 

My message to the parents was one of thanks and cooperation — thanks for the work they do (like most volunteers, the people around the table pitch in in activities beyond the parent council) and cooperation in terms of sharing their story.  Sharing stories is a big part of what the LCA is about — if we can spread the word and connect the wide range of volunteer groups in the community, then I think we’re making a contribution.

St. Pius “Mabel’s Labels” Fundraiser  


Speaking of sharing, St. Pius parent Maureen Jickling  shared a really cool fundraiser they are running between now and September 14.  They are selling Mabel’s Labels — preprinted labels to put on all the stuff that kids lose, like camp gear, shoes, hats and the traditional underwear.   They look really cool and original and sound like a great idea even if it wasn’t a fundraiser. But it IS a fundraiser, so go order two!

You can get Maureen’s take on the fundraiser here, or just click here to order some labels.

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