Sunday Roundup: Flashing Red Lights and the LCA Newsletter!

My flyer delivery guy is back from summer vacation, which means flyer service is intermittent at our house.  We cancelled the Leader Post several years back but still end up on the ‘no flyer’ list.  Oh well — the Sun arrived so there’s a bit to report…

Queen City Marathon Wrap Up

Did you all get out to watch the marathon today? Great fun! I always get a kick out of watching people I know run by, although it still hasn’t inspired me to run a single kilometer, let alone 42.

Congratulations to Lakeview residents Grant Van Eaton and Jennifer Taylor for adding another 42km to their running resumes.  We also heard young Lakeviewvian Jesse Van Eaton completed the 3km race for kids.  Well done!

Were there other Lakeview folk in the race today?  I’ll bet there were. Give them a shout out in the comments!

The LCA Newsletter has Arrived!

There it is!  Five nice tight green pages nestled between the London Drugs and PGX vitamin flyer — the Fall 2008 LCA Newsletter.  Honestly, the majority of the program information is the same as came out in the South Zone newsletter last week, but we wanted to make sure the word got out to the 3,275 households who aren’t coming to the website yet that we’re meeting Monday, registration night is Tuesday, and we really need some help.

But you know all that, because you are faithful website subscribers!  So why haven’t you called?

Stop Already!  Or it Will Cost You.  Might Kill Me Too.

After we got buzzed by another car at the Regina Avenue & Coronation Street crosswalk, I was intrigued to read the “Ask the Police” column in the Sun.

The question was whether, when a driver approaches those flashing red lights and there’s no pedestrian in sight, or the pedestrian has cleared the roadway, does the driver still need to stop?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES!  STOP! You have to come to a complete, absolute, sitting still STOP!

Now if you stop, and the pedestrian has cleared the roadway, you can proceed from your stopped position. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Failure to stop is worth a $230 fine, so please. Just. Stop.

Better Yet, Take the Bus.  For Free!

If you are a student or academic type, or work at Research Park, be sure to check out the new Express Routes to the University of Regina and SIAST.  Regina Transit is offering free fares on the express routes all this week (September 8-12)  So step on up!

Headline of the Week: “It’s time to think about potatoes”

May as well think of potatoes.  Whenever I think about this election my hives start flaring up.

Check out Winona Senner’s article on page 30 of the Sun to find out why she’s having trouble sleeping.

Bonus for Reading to the End

Ready?  113 across is  “Canasta”

Photo Credit: Conform

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