Sunday Roundup: More Words, More Good Work

It’s time to take a break from the normal weekend craziness to tell you about three really big events.  Guaranteed to fill your bellys and minds and help people at the same time!

Regina Food For Learning Steak Night

Regina Food for Learning keeps kids fed, so they can learn and grow.  And now they want to feed you!  They are holding a steak night on October 18th to raise money for their in-school programs.  Get a great steak for your $15.00 and you are helping a great cause.  Contact Heather Stevenson at 565-8632 to book some tickets.  If you can’t make it, call Heather anyway and send RFFL a cheque!

Use Your Words, Help African Children

We’ve told you about the excellent Grandmothers for Grandmothers program before, and how they are helping Grandmothers in Africa care for their grandchildren who were orphaned by AIDS.  They are running a very interesting Scrabble fundraiser on October 26 at the Riddell Centre at the University of Regina.  Please contact or call 731-2768 for more information or to receive a pledge package.

Need a Good Book?  Regina Public Library can help!

Got a nice email from Carole at the Regina Public Library about a new service for popular books.  They are ordering lots of copies of the most popular new titles and putting them on their Popular Picks list.  Check them out and read them fast:  They are on 7 day loan and the late fees increase, but the service should ensure the book you want is available quickly.

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