Sunday Roundup: Skateboards, Soccer and Grandmas!

The Labour Day flyer stack was thicker than ever this week. Let’s see what we can find about Lakeview or Communities this week:

Lakeview Skater Goes to Nationals!

( Sunday Sun ) Congratulations to Lakeview 12 year old Jesse Nichols who was the youngest skateboarder at the recent DG national skateboarder competition in Montreal where he competed against men twice his age. Well done!

In other news, the Sun reports that the new Skate Park in Wascana Centre (which was the source of a heated debate in Lakeview and other neighbourhoods) is doing very well and is an asset to the neighbourhood.  Says one neighbour, “So far, it’s been a good neighbour and we really like how the city and Wascana Centre Authority cleaned up that area.”   The IMAX concession is stocking extra drinks for the skaters, so it appears to be good for business too.

Grandmas Helping Grandmas

In the same Sunday Sun there is a great interview with Bev Greenfield, who is part of Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers,   a national organization of women who help grandmothers in Africa care for their orphaned grandchildren.  The children have been orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic which is sweeping sub-saharan Africa.

The Regina G4G chapter is holding a garage sale on Saturday, September 6 from9-4 at the Cathedral Recreation Centre to raise money to send to Africa.  Please check it out!

Queen City Marathon is Next Sunday

The eighth running of the Queen City Marathon is Sunday, September 7th and a good chunk of the course goes through Lakeview.  They can still use some volunteers and are always looking for fans to cheer the runners on.

The Lakeview section is right at the end of the race, when the runners need all the support they can get.  Come out and clap, cheer, sing and shout!  The Lakeview leg starts at the Les Sherman Park footbridge and continues down Coronation Street, Wascana Street, Kings Road and L’Arche Crescent.  Typically the runners start coming by at around 9:30AM and continue till 11:30 or noon.

Please note:  For the safety of the runners, please park away from the actual race route!

South Zone Newsletter

The South Zone Rec Board is separate from, but affiliated with, the four south Regina community associations, including the LCA.  Their white and blue ‘Community Ties’ newsletter came today and has lots of information about their indoor community soccer program (a more recreational alternative to the Queen City Soccer club), whist programs, table tennis programs and more.

There’s also a page of information about our own LCA programs which will be further enhanced when our newsletter comes out next weekend.

Special Bonus!

I’m pretty sure 91-down in the Sun crossword (page 38) is “Hike”.

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