The Community Garden Grand Opening – TUESDAY June 23rd

I know many of you get the LCA emails and immediately plan your week, so I wanted to let you know about a typo in yesterday’s post.   The Yara-Grow Regina Community Garden grand opening is at 10:30AM on Tuesday June 23rd.

June 23rd lands on a Tuesday this year, not on Saturday as I erroneously reported.  Sorry about that.  Go there Tuesday, especially if you want to see the Mayor and have some refreshments.

If I have any excuse, other than just raw carelessness, it’s that when I think of community gardens, every day is a Saturday to me.  But that’s no way to schedule an event.  It’s likely the worst way to schedule an event, come to think of it.

If you like looking at vegetables (and I certainly do) then I suppose you could go any day, or everyday.  But if you only go one day, go Tuesday June 23rd at 10:30AM.  That’s really the best time.

PS – if I find something fun for all of us to do on Saturday, June 27 (the REAL Saturday), I’ll let you know.

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