Time for Spring Garden Planning


We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Grow Regina around their community garden project in Macleod Park on Queen Street.  The garden opened in 2008 and their gearing up for another excellent growing season.  It may still be too snowy to get into a plot, but they you can reserve your garden plot today.

Grow Regina has published their Grow Regina spring newsletter which, among other things, has instructions for starting seeds and getting your garden ready for planting.  It’s an entertaining and colourful read — please check it out.

Mrs. Louise Arndt is a passionate gardener and has been a big booster for bringing a community garden in Lakeview since at least 2002.  She keeps us up to date with how the garden is progressing at our monthly meetings and we really appreciate that.  Last month, Mrs. Arndt told us of plans to establish a permanent orchard in the garden.  Anyone can plant a tree or perennial shrub and get great fruit year after year.  Many fruit trees need neighbours to cross pollinate, so this is an example of how working together benefits everyone!

Photo Credit:  This is a sample of the excellent photos from the Grow Regina photo gallery.  If the garden looked this good after one season, imagine how great it will look this year!

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