Helping Hands: Welcome to three volunteers!


If you’ve been following these updates at all, you know that we’re actively looking for volunteers to keep the association going strong.  All good organizations go through these transitions, but in our case it’s piling up a bit with several great families moving away.  So we’re extremely pleased to announce three new additions to the Lakeview Community Association team.

  • Amy Mader is a young and energetic and really knows her arithmetic, and has agreed to join the LCA as treasurer.  She’s already turning heads with her rapid-fire ciphering and amazing change-making ability at Registration Night.  The role of treasurer is a pretty big deal and we’re really glad Amy’s joined the team.
  • Marci Brisbourne has joined us again!  After many years as our Learn to Skate coordinator, Marci and a friend have taken over the Outdoor Sign on Hill Avenue and Montague Street.  Marci is already taking bookings and getting new messages on the sign board every 7-10 days.  We’ve got a spiffy new sign booking form on the site if you’ve got a community event that needs some promotion.
  • When Dorothy Fitzer isn’t running marathons, she’s coordinating of daytime activities out of St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Montague Street.   There’s exercise classes, line dancing and table tennis running during the week so grab a couple loonies, wax up your paddle and head on over!

With Amy, Marci and Dorothy helping out, it looks like we’ll be able to limp through the fall sessions, but we’re still in desperate need of a few more volunteers, especially on the LCA executive.   Our chairperson, newsletter editor and overall program coordinator have all moved away — not just away from Lakeview but Regina altogether.  If you can spare an hour a week, or an hour a month, we can put it to good use and help the entire community.  Please drop us a line!

Photo Credit:  Planeta roig and jason.hudson

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