Volunteers Needed for YARA-Grow Regina Community Gardens

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that enables you to spend more time outdoors? YARA-Grow Regina Community Garden located at McLeod Park, 3500 Queen Street may be your match – green thumbs not required.

Grow Regina and its members dedicates 15% of the garden plots to grow vegetables for donation to the Food Bank. These Food Bank plots require the support of volunteers to prepare the soil, plant, water, weed and harvest. Grow Regina has a long term vision to develop this Community Garden into a world class facility through improvements and upgrades planned over the next several years as funding materializes.

If you are interested in supporting this cause but would prefer to be indoors, you can still help out. There are several committees working throughout the year, not just during the garden season, to plan, organize and
dream of new ways to improve your gardening experience.

If donating your time is not an option, Grow Regina now accepts cash donations in lieu of volunteering.

If you would like to learn more please visit their website http://growregina.ca/volunteer or contact Grow Regina by
email at contact@growregina.ca or phone 352-4813.

Posted via email from Regina Lakeview Community Stream


– this article was written by Charlene Patton
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