Everyone Can Walk to Fight Arthritis — Will You?

Kelly Pierson, a longtime Friend of Lakeview, passed us a note this week about the Arthritis Society’s upcoming “Walk to Fight Arthritis.”  The Society is organizing 18 walks all over Canada on Sunday, May 30 and now is the time to register and start raising pledges.

There is no minimum pledge level required to participate in the walk, but the Society has a neat “pledge plan” developed to give you ideas about how anyone could raise $250.  Stop the pain of arthritis without much pain of fundraising, so to speak.

One More Thing:  They are also collecting stories about how Arthritis has touched people.  Whether you’re struggling with the disease, or it has touched you in another way, they would love to hear your story.  For every story shared, the makers of Tylenol will donate $5 to the Arthritis Society.

Registration for the walk, or to share a story, is quick and easy.  Just head over to www.walktofightarthritis.ca and sign up!

Photo Credit:  Pink Sherbet Photography

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