Winter Program Registration and a Meeting!



The weather is finally cold enough to announce our 2010 Winter Registration night — Tuesday, January 12, from 7PM – 8PM at Athabasca School.

Registration night is how you can register for all programs run by Regina Community Associations — regardless of whether they are run by Lakeview Community Association.    We’ll have tables for our programs and a special table for City Wide registrations.

Also, the January LCA meeting will be held the day before Registration Night, on Monday, January 11, at 7PM, also at Athabasca School.   We had a big mix up in December and were locked out of the school, but that’s all worked out so we can get down to business on Monday.

Topics for discussion include:  Registration Night, program changes, our recent paper newsletter (you got one in the mail, right?) and possibly increased noise levels in the Southern edge of Lakeview.  So come on out, say Hi, share your views and lend a hand!

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