Watch Your Donation Grow

Our summer 2024 fundraising effort is collecting donations for trees & shrubs to be planted in the new picnic area being installed this summer in the southwest corner of the park.

This list of tree & shrub considerations to be added to Lakeview Park is for discussion purposes only and is not exhaustive. We would live to see some native species on this list, but we need your help. Lakeview Park is a city park, and the LCA must follow their directives, provided by professionals (ex. arborists) and adhering to bylaws. If you have some native species in mind or concerns about the examples listed, please send us an email.

Here’s your chance to watch your donation grow! 

Household donations of $150.00 and over will get their family name on the Friends of Lakeview Park Donation Wall in the park. (Of course this is optional, and you can always remain anonymous.) Donate here.