Pump Track at Lakeview Park

The installation of a pump track was just recently completed in Oct 2021! Planting of grass around the pump track has taken place

A pump track is a pathway that combines rolling jumps with turns and is designed for all things on wheels – from skateboards and wheelchairs, to bikes and BMX’s.

Pump tracks are safe and fun to ride for all ages and skill levels and are a good tool to promote physical activity. Currently, there are no other pump tracks in Regina, so this has brought something unique for Lakeview and Regina Community.

Location of the Pump Track

The Pump Track is located at Lakeview Park (Corner of Montague St. and McCallum Ave) next to the outdoor rink.

Example pump track in Inverness

Fundraising for the Park Revitalization Project

If you would like to donate to this project to have your name commemorated on a permanent sign in the park, have other fundraising ideas or would like to get involved in some way, please contact us or click the button below to donate online.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors!

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Friends of Lakeview Park Sponsors

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  • The Di Stasi Family
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  • Leah and Joel Lipinski and Family
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  • Maeers/Shumay Family
  • In memory of Mary and George Ward
  • Nicholas and James Stearn
  • Sean, Brittany, Mac, & Gigi Gawley
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  • Camille and Julien Abdulla
  • John and Linda Nilson
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  • Grace Lawrence
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  • Scott Hardisty and Linda Allen-Hardisty
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  • Ed & Leo in Memory of Karen Wood
  • The Jedlic Family
  • Karla Hillis & Stephen Davis
  • Ben & Michelle Findlay
  • Cooper & Harper McCann
  • Jarett and Maria Wright

Pump Track Install in Progress

Community members who helped with the fundraising campaign: